Would You Like To See
How A Small Group of Entrepreneurs
Are Now Getting 50-100 New “Qualified”
People To Join Their List Every Single Day
And Almost-Automatically Turning Them
Into Paying Customers And Clients…

Without Spending Any Money on
Ads Or Shoutouts?

Right Now, A Growing Number Of Course Creators, Affiliate Marketers, And Even Freelancers Are Outsmarting Their Competitors..,

By using a very simple 2-step system that attracts

50-100 high-quality leads into their businesses every single day.

By the way, 50-100 new leads every day works out to about

1,500 to 3,00 new potential buyers coming their way monthly.

Yet, as amazing as this 3,000 new potential buyers every single month sounds…

They’re not getting these people by doing cold outreach, spamming, or even spending a dime on any form of paid ads whatsoever.

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how this system works…

So you can easily copy it to start getting new leads, clients, and sales for your business too.

And as you’re going to see,

it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new in your market and have zero testimonials and credibility…

It doesn’t matter how many competitors you have right now.

You can easily automate this entire process to work for you

while you’re away doing other things.

I’m not about to tell you about any bot or a gimmick that could get your account shut down.

All you need is any social media account of your choice…

And the
2-step system I’m going to be sharing with you in this short training.

You don’t even need to have any followers on this social media account yet.

In fact, I went on to grow my Twitter page to 66,000 people and added some new names to my email list-

After I discovered what I’m about to share with you.

Lots of these people have gone on to become customers.

Think about this:

Just 500 new leads every month alone could add a neat 7 figures to your monthly revenue…

Now imagine what 1,500 - 3,000 new people… every single month… could mean for you and your business…

You Can Easily Blow Up Your Phone With Payment Notifications Every Time You Launch A New Product Or Offer.

You no longer have to live under the constant pressure of Facebook account shutdowns 

because you now have a backup that costs you no money.

You have so many leads that you automatically eliminate

the desperation and neediness that stops people from buying from you now.

And your business will start spitting out enough money that

you can set your own working hours and still have absolute control over your income.

The fact is…

you become limitless when your business automatically attracts new perfect customers daily.

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how to do just that.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

There's a big chance you're not one of the 80,000 plus people following me across all social media.

Hi, My name is Bruno Nwogu.

Today, I’m considered one of the top internet marketers from Nigeria. I’ve been recognized and praised by some of the top entrepreneurs and marketers in Nigeria and even beyond.

You might recognize some of them.

My teachings on sales and marketing have made me, my clients, & my students well over 300 million Naira combined in the last 2½ years…

And I’m proud of how many people have changed their financial situations by following just one of my advice.

Like Caleb Nwanneka, a broke student in about 300k debt from a failed business when he met me.

Today, Caleb lives a life that 90% of Nigerians cannot afford to live.

Traveling the world while earning multiple millions every week at just 24 years.

There's also Joy Agbim, a female Unilorin graduate,

who was confused about what to do next after her NYSC.

She had lost the first 500k she made during the days of OPay in a so-called investment scheme

Then she met me and I showed her a few stuff. Today, Joy is a unicorn among females.

She earns more in a month than university professors do in a quarter. 

And no man or anyone would ever disrespect her or ask her what she’s doing with her life.

Then there’s Chigozie Mmebo who used my teaching and went from an ordinary Jumia agent,

Earning barely enough to get by with,

to quitting his job to focus on his multimillion naira business.

The class of degree all of these people came out of university didn’t matter…

It didn’t matter if they were bright students or not-so-good students.

It didn’t even matter if they went to the university at all or not.

You might have heard about some of these guys.

But there are at least 4,000 more people with similar stories

who have learned one or two things from me…

And have gone ahead to increase their income enough to make their neighbors what they do for a living with what they learned.

Now, let's get something straight.

The reason I say this is not just to give you a reason to listen to me.

But because my business simply won’t exist

if it weren’t for this 2-step high-quality lead generation and conversion system you’re about to discover now.

Here's what not so many people know about me.

I made my first million Naira online… in 2020

without running a single ad. Not because I chose not to…

But because I didn’t have any money to spend on paid ads to get leads for my affiliate marketing business at the time.

I had invested all the money I had in learning the ropes of the business I was into.

I was basically jobless and had no money coming in.

So I had no choice but to stick with free traffic.

And when I eventually could afford to spend on ads…

Like so many people,

I was quickly humbled by the unending rejections and ad account bans from Facebook.

You know what I mean.

There are so many rules that you have to play by.

And even then,

Facebook could decide to shut down your ad account without any reason.

Chances are you’ve experienced this yourself if you've done some sort of paid ads.

You can have so many ad accounts and Facebook could ban all of them at a go without giving you any reasons.

Then there’s Google that’s really very expensive.

All of these and more made me keep my Twitter lead generation thing going on the side as a backup at least.

Another really big thing was that ads can be a luxury

 especially if you don’t have a large enough budget and expertise.

Then there’s a strict filter on what you could and could not say, products you can sell, who you can target and so many other limitations.

I love the fact that I could get leads for
FREE if I played my cards right.

I mean who doesn’t love free money?

This is why… over the last two years…

I’ve experimented with a ton of strategies, formulas, and templates to see how to attract quality traffic online.

I took notes of what worked and repeated them.

I observed what didn’t work and kept them on my private 'not-to-do’ list.

I was growing really slowly.

New followers today… None tomorrow and on and on.

Then early this year, I made a discovery, and everything… clicked.


I discovered this 2-step system that allowed me to go from 5,000 followers to more than 66,000 at the time of this training in just about 6 months.

I’ve also gone ahead to add over 3000+ new people to my email list who have become paying customers-

And bought my products-

Including my 200k per person 6-week coaching within this period.

That’s an average of 100+ new people daily…

And about 50+ new customers every single month.

Imagine what this many leads daily could do for you.

I was getting so many leads that

I barely felt it when Facebook shut down all of my ad accounts sometime this year.

And in the next few minutes,

I’m going to explain how this system works so you can use it to acquire leads, customers, and clients for your business too.

But there was one thing left.

After several weeks of getting 50-100 leads for free every day…

I wanted to see if what I discovered was just a fluke…

Or if it is something that could work for anyone,

even people that had no social media presence, authority, or testimonials yet.

So I put out the word that I wanted to show a few people

how to generate 50-100 qualified leads for free every day.

And that’s what really solidified this process.

These people were either affiliate marketers, freelancers, or course creators who couldn’t afford to spend on ads yet…

Or they were just tired of always getting under Facebook Hammer…

And they needed a way to get leads consistently to make sales and grow their businesses.

Over the next 10 weeks,

I shared everything I have discovered about generating leads with these people.

I shared every template, formula, and hack for getting qualified leads daily I’ve discovered with them.

Including how to sell their products and services to these people and make them excited to buy.

This Is When Things 
Turned monumental

One of the most amazing results came from 17-year-old Francis Oleh.

Francis had less than 500 followers when I shared this with him.

By May, just a few weeks after we started the class, Francis hit 4,000 followers.

And today, less than 5 months after, Francis is sitting on 21,800 followers many of whom have gone ahead to pay him some money.

Another member, Muhammad gained 75 new targeted followers who will eventually pay him money down the line in under 24 hours after applying a few strategies I shared with him.

75 leads would cost at least #10,000 on Facebook on a good day.

Lots of affiliate marketers made their first round of
sales with strategies I shared in these classes.

We welcome brand new wins every day in the group.

Someone closing their first client…

Another making their first affiliate sale…

Someone who recently got funded for a project…

Or someone who suddenly got a flood of new followers and prospects coming their way.

You can find what other people are saying below-

These people went on to rave about this system on Twitter without asking them.

So at this point, you may be wondering…

How Does This 2-step High-Quality Lead Generation and Conversion System Work?

It’s simple...

It’s something that ties directly into

how every social media platform is designed to function.

Yeah. Every social media platform… including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and the rest.

This is where we get to the meat of the matter.

So pay attention.

You see…

the algorithm of every one of these platforms is designed to do one thing and one thing only…

Which is to-

Keep you on their platform for as long as possible so they can serve you ads and make money.

These apps make money by serving you ads and

They need to get you to spend time on their apps.

Facebook engineers are working day and night to keep you reading those posts and watching those videos…

Twitter developers want to feed you with as many interesting tweets and threads as possible to keep you on that bird app.

TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube… They are all after the same thing.

This is why… If you can create content, write tweets, and make videos

that get people to stay on social media platforms longer than normal…

the algorithm will reward you with more visibility…

And allow you to quickly gain lots of followers who might eventually become buyers.

Instablog9ja, Tunde Ednut, Segalink, and all of these top influencers

have so many followers because their content keeps people glued to their platforms.

The algorithm in turn gives them more visibility than normal.

It’s as simple as that.

So if you want to start getting more people to like, comment, and engage your posts so you become an authority in your industry…

Don’t think about a way to game the system or a magic trick to get followers.

focus on creating content that captures attention

And keeps people stuck on the social media platform you want to grow on…

Or hypnotic content as I like to call it.

Hypnotic content is what keeps people on these apps.

They entertain, educate, and inspire people.

You’ll start getting likes, comments, and new followers just by putting out hypnotic content.

Now how do you create hypnotic content?

I’ll get into it in a moment. It’s far easier than you think.

Am I making sense so far? Great

Now, this is where most people stop.

But likes and followers won’t feed you. Right?

That’s where you need the hypnotic nurturing and conversion system.

Because it lets you take ordinary followers…

Get them to trust you and move them into your DMs, your email list, and your funnels

where you get to sell, close deals, and make money.

And NO, you don't have to offer ridiculous discounts or have to

beg people to hire you with the hypnotic nurturing and conversion system.

Instead, it makes you sound like an authority that people are pre-sold on buying from

before they ever get into your DM or your email list.

So by the time they reach out to you…

They'll respect and trust you so much to pay for your products or hire your service.

So in summary:

All we’re doing here is casting a wide net with your hypnotic content…

Scooping in a whole lot of first-time people to engage with your posts and follow you…

Then, we subtly move them from total strangers,

get them to trust you,

and into paying customers who stay with you for long

with the hypnotic nurturing and conversion system.

It couldn’t get any simpler than this.

That’s all I did to grow my following on Twitter from 5,000 to more than 66,000 in just 12 months…

That’s all I’m doing to get thousands of qualified leads on my email list every month

without spending a dime on Facebook ads.

That’s how Francis was able to grow from almost no existence to over 21,800 raving fans in less than 6 months

Maryam, the marketing mom, got her first 2,000 followers in just a couple of weeks too

Muhammad got over 150 new people to enquire
about his copywriting skill within 2 weeks.

And now, you have the opportunity to get your hands on this system

to start getting 50 - 100 qualified leads each day for your business…

Without spending a dime on ads…

Or doing any cold outreaches…

Even if you feel like there are many more qualified competitors in your niche.

Because I’ve packaged everything into a simple but highly effective, plug-and-play framework that leaves zero guesswork on your part into…

The Hypnotic Audience Building & Monetization Course

HABM, as I like to call it, walks you through the exact same organic lead generation, nurturing, and conversion system I’ve shared with you today.

It hands you a proven, step-by-step recipe to predictably increase your leads, customers, and ultimately your profits without spending any dime on ads.

It shows you how to attract your best customers in droves…

Shows you how to communicate with them to position yourself as an authority… 

And how to turn them into customers and clients faster than you’ve ever experienced…

Even if you operate in a hyper-competitive niche and deal with highly skeptical buyers.

And all you need is any social media of your choice. No paid ads.

No random DM’ing. No begging and discounting to get customers.

It Doesn’t Matter How Tiny Your Account Is Right Now 

Or whether or not you currently have testimonials for the product you sell or not.

You don’t even need to know how to write viral threads or be great at making video content.

You can find what other people are saying about this system below this video.

As you’ll see, HABM shows you how to become the go-to authority in your niche

And build hypnotic positioning that attracts addict buyers who buy from you over and over again.

Can I go ahead and share just a tiny bit of the stuff you’ll find in the Hypnotic Audience Building & Monetization Course?


The first thing you should know is that HABM is split into 6 modules that are all properly labeled so you can quickly find anything you need.

Then inside these modules, you’ll find golden nuggets waiting for you to devour.

1. How to set clearly defined boundaries and rules that allow you to-

Attract only people who are highly likely to buy from you and not ordinary tire-kickers.

You don’t want to attract people who won’t buy from you.

Next, you’ll see…

2. How to ignite the sleeping buyer instinct in your audience base

and make them buy from you and only you even if there are so many alternatives.

3. You’ll see a simple checklist that lets you pick an audience that has money so you don’t waste all of your efforts.

4. You’ll see the 3 most valuable spots on your social media profile

And how to leverage them to get your perfect prospects to engage with your page

5. You’ll find the avatar builder worksheet that walks you through how to find out the best buyers for what you have to sell.

The best buyers are people who want what you sell and can afford to pay you whatever amount you charge.

6. There’s a section where I explained the inner workings of all social media algorithms in more detail than I have in this training so you can grow quickly on any platform of your choice.

7. You’ll see how to craft “perfect bait” that turns people from not knowing anything about you to wanting to buy from you or hire you.

8. We’ll also talk about slightly technical but really important concepts like TOFU and BOFU

And how top entrepreneurs incorporate each of them to sell out their products and services.

You’ll see how you can do this for your business too.

9. I’ll show you how to siphon a ton of leads from your Twitter profile into your WhatsApp, email, DM or wherever is most convenient for you to sell.

10. You’ll also see how to build a hypnotic character that people like, trust and respect enough to buy from without changing who you are as a person.

11. There’s a quick test that lets you predict how many sales you can make from your funnels.

I’ll show you what this test is and how to use it for your business.

12. Have you ever had people ghost you when it gets to the part where they pay?

I’ll show you the mistakes you’re making and how to craft simple but highly irresistible offers that give people the urgency to buy now.

13. We’ll also touch on how to position yourself to attract buyers even if you don’t have any followers, payment screenshots, or any of those credibility factors yet.

14. I’ll show you how to engineer a simple funnel using your WhatsApp that converts these people into a warm audience and prepares them to buy from you.

15. You’ll see the inverted survey method that lets you know what people want to buy from you and the amount they’re willing to pay.

You Can Have Access To all of these and more in under
5 minutes from now.

And I’m even going to show you how you can get access & test all of this stuff for FREE in a moment.

Inside HABM, you’ll also find something I call “exclusion marketing”

that allows you to sell more of your products or get more clients by pissing people off.

You’ll also find a comprehensive module that

shows you how to come up with authoritarian and rapport-building content in just about the time it takes you to lace your shoes.

I’ll show you-

How to reprogram and rewire your thinking to tap into the universe of endless hypnotic content

that attracts people to you - even if you have very little knowledge in your niche right now.

You’ll see how to position yourself radically differently from everyone else in your market

so you can command premium fees for your products and your services.

I’ll show you an offer stack template you can easily model

to create a winner offer that sets your Paystack account on fire every time you launch a new product.

Also, you’ll see how to come up with low, middle, and high ticket offers

And exactly how and when to use each of them in any market you are operating in

even if you have no nothing about sales and marketing.

Video sales letters, VSLs, can be an automatic money-maker if you know how to make really good ones.


And inside HABM…

I’ll show you how to make low-budget but high-converting VSLs

that put your audience in the buying trance and make them restless and jump hurdles to buy from you.

You don’t need to
show your face or even be super confident to pull this off.

I’ve made everything easy for you with swipe-and-launch templates.

Seriously, we’ll spend another 2 hours if I attempt to list everything you’ll find inside the HABM course.

It’s just… so… so powerful.

I showed you everything from
how to map out your perfect prospects to attracting them in droves for free every day,

how to nurture them and make them respect you…

And finally, marketing elements you can use to convert those people into paying customers

And clients even if you have zero knowledge about sales and marketing right now.

And the best part is that it doesn’t take much time for the results to kick in.

After a few days, you start to notice that more people are engaging with your posts.

A week later, you might find that more people are reaching out to you in the DM’s but this time, they sound serious and some of them are even buying from you immediately.

As this happens, you’ll also
notice that your bank account is taking a sharp rise too,

And you feel deep inside you that you’re on the path to making enough money to live more comfortably…

Take care of your loved ones…

And enjoy the respect and admiration of people who used to ridicule you and your business.

Now, If this where all you’d get with HABM,

you’d still have gotten enough information to start living the laptop lifestyle working from anywhere you want.

But I honestly want to make this as comprehensive as possible.

That’s why I’ve gone ahead to…

Add Some Ethical Bribes That Will Accelerate The Results You Get From HABM

HABM Members-only Bonus 1
30-day content calendar - =N=50k

Most of the beta-testers of this program struggled with

crafting hypnotic content at first because they were new to the system.

That’s why I’ve created a 30-day content calendar for you to get started.

It gives you a clear idea of what to post each day to
attract qualified leads who would become buyers down the line to your profile.

You can keep following this calendar month to month-

until you have internalized the framework and you don’t have to refer back to this calendar again.

Next, you'll also get:

HABM Members-only Benefit 2
The Viral Thread Creation Template (Valued at 45k)

You’re going to find this especially valuable if you plan to use Twitter to generate leads.

There are
strings of tweets that get a lot more attention than normal tweets

because people like and share them. Hence the name viral threads.

Just one viral thread can attract thousands of viewers and hundreds of new followers to your profile.

I’ve studied a lot of viral threads from the best meme creators and entertainers.

I noticed there’s a kind of formula behind all of these viral threads.

I experimented with them and took note of what works and what doesn’t to attract the best quality prospects.

I’ve since created several viral threads that brought me lots of new leads, sales, and customers.

I created this module to show how my students and I craft viral threads so you can use them too -

without needing to post embarrassing stuff online.

Create as many viral threads as you can and very soon,

you’ll have so many followers that go on to buy from you and become lifelong customers.

Next, you’ll get:

HABM Members-only Benefit 3
Roadmap To Your First 2,000 Followers on Social Media

You see… getting your first 2,000 followers is the hardest because the algorithm on all social media platforms doesn't trust you yet.

They do everything to keep your reach low and drive you very little engagement.

You’ve probably seen what I’m talking about if you put out content now.

It’s once you cross that 2k-follower mark that things start happening fast and these algorithms start distributing your content like it’s an ad.

Also, people trust you and click the follow button more when they see you have a few thousand people following you already.

Can’t remember exactly but it took me months to get my first 2,000 followers.

Now, I get 1,000 new followers in only a few days.

That’s all because the algorithms now trust my page more.

I want to hand you this roadmap showing you what to concentrate your effort on so you can breeze past this first
2,000 followers fast.

And No,
you don’t have to get your first 2,000 followers before you start getting leads and making sales.

I’ll show you how to make sales and get clients while you’re on the road to your first 2k followers.

Like this man
who has earned more than 700k from consultations with his organic leads even though he’s not at 1,000 followers yet.


HABM Members-only Benefit 4
8 Tested-and-Proven Formulas To Write Irresistible Headlines- (Valued at 20k)

What determines whether people will engage with your post or not is your first line.

Unless it sounds new, timely, and interesting, people won’t bother to go through the rest of your beautifully-crafted post.

I’ve given you a number of ways to do this in the course already and you’ll be fine with them.

But I still want to go all the way and give you not 1, not 2, not 3 but

8 tested-and-proven ways to write scroll-stopping and pattern-interrupting headlines that get people to stay glued to your profile.

There’s no need to overthink anything.

Just fire up this module, choose one of the 8 formulas, and model it.

Once you've successfully captured people’s attention, you’ll definitely need:

HABM Members-only Benefit 5
Story-Selling Secrets:
How to Tell Stories That Hypnotizes People and Makes You Money At The Same Time

Storytelling has been the most effective way to teach since time immemorial.

The best classes in secondary school were those wrapped in engaging stories.

It goes without saying that

if you can tell good stories, you’ll get a lot of attention and new followers.

But you won’t eat your followers, will you?

That’s where Story-selling comes in.

I’ll show you how to tell hypnotizing stories that make

people reach out to you looking to buy what you sell or hire you for a project.

Once people start reaching out to you,

you’ll need a way to turn them into customers and clients who pay you and that’s where the next two bonuses will be valuable.

HABM Members-only Benefit 6
Effortless DM Selling Framework (valued at #30k)

I’ve made millions of Naira using simple text messages to sell to completely new followers and DM inquiries.

You’ll discover
my simple framework for making people sell themselves in this bonus module.

You’ll see how to flip the switch and
make people cross hoops to buy from you or hire you

even if you sell expensive courses or charge higher than your competitors.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to sell a low-ticket affiliate product or something worth millions of naira like real estate.

You’ll see the biggest objections people have to buying and
I’ll show you how to easily handle all of these objections so you can get them to spend money with you - even if you have never sold anything online or flat out hate selling like I used to.

Your next ethical bribe is…

HABM Members-only Benefit 7
My $1,000 Webinar Selling Secrets (valued at 35k)

Once you have so many people reaching out to you from time to time…

It‘s going to get harder to respond to everyone individually which is kinda what you want from my system.

This is what my $1,000 webinar selling secrets will do for you.

I discovered out of sheer necessity when I had so many people reaching out to me than I could respond to.

Webinars were how I was able to close sales and save time too.

The first time I tried this particular webinar script, I made $1,000 in commissions.

I’ve since refined it to make it even better.

You’ll have instant access to this same script as soon as you sign up for HABM.

There’s really nothing to figure out on your own. Just plug, play, and make money.

Next is my…

HABM Members-only Benefit 8
Automatic Audience Builder Hack (valued at 20k)

You don’t want to turn social media into full-time work-

where you need to be active for so many hours a day. Is that right?

I have a suite of tools I use to automate my audience- 

building process so I can go about my day and keep growing my audience.

This is what you’re going to find in the Automatic Audience Builder Hack cheat sheet.

And finally, you'll be gaining access into:

HABM Members-only Benefit 9
HABM 6 Months Community Support - 120k/yr

I've noticed that something that determines how fast you succeed in any area is your environment.

That's why… in addition to everything you’ll be getting today…

I’ll also be adding you to The Tribe That Always Comes Through.

Funny but that’s the name we have coined for our special community.

This is not one of your regular get-my-product-and-join-the-group communities.

This is perhaps the most valuable bonus you’ll get out of this course.

I’m always in the group for hours every day relating with everyone in the group.

Got any questions? Post it and get answers immediately.

Reached a milestone? Share with us

Feeling unmotivated?

Tap immediate energy from the group.

From time to time, I drop new training around lead generation, offer creation, copywriting, closing and so many aspects of making money online.

You’ll be getting access to all of them and the previous ones for FREE during your 6-month membership to the community.

You don't have to join the community if you want…

Because you'll still be able to get leads consistently without it.

HABM gives you all you need already.

I only think you're going to find the community valuable.

As you’ve seen for yourself…

The Hypnotic Audience Building and Monetization course contains everything you need to go from absolutely zero…

With no followers or selling experience…

To build thousands of people who will buy from you and hire you at any price you charge…

Even if you’re not really different from everyone else in your niche.

If you’re a course creator, HABM will help you attract lots of people that will buy your course at any amount you want to price it…

And even go ahead to take your one-on-one more expensive programs if you offer them.

If you’re a freelancer,

you’ll be positioning yourself to attract premium clients

who pay the highest fees without spending a mountain of hours

cold pitching people on Upwork, Fiverr, and other low-paying platforms.

Like Ayoyinka who is on track to landing a $50-75 per email gig from a lead he got for free.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll see how to beat the rising ad costs by gaining 50-100 new qualified leads for FREE every day.

You’ll drastically cut the time it takes to convert prospects into buyers

and start getting those commissions right away even if

there are thousands of people promoting the same product you’re promoting.

Now, when you combine HABM with all of these 9 bonuses worth price, you become unstoppable.

You no longer have to beg people to buy from you or hire you because-

you’ll have many more people making inquiries about what you have for sale…

You’ll be siphoning a ton of quality leads into your email list every day.

People who will stay with you for long and continue spending with you…

And you finally start enjoying more of the things that matter to you.

More money. More security. More freedom. More memories.

More time with your family. More vacations or whatever it is for you.

And on that basis:

Let’s talk about how much would be a fair investment to get HABM. 

If we’re going to put a fair price on this…

It shouldn’t be less than #200,000.

And even then, it will still be a great bargain for you.

After all, it’s something that will keep on feeding you high-quality leads for years to come.

Just 500 new leads every month can easily add an extra 7 figures to your profit each month.

And when you consider the fact that you can start getting 1,500 - 3,000 new leads every month with HABM…

It becomes a no-brainer to invest #100,000, #200,000, and even more to get HABM today.

Because it’s going to cost you NOTHING in the long run.

But I understand that not everyone can afford that much right now.

So I want to do something special for you.

It costs #60,000 to join the Organic Lead Generation which is the early version of this training…

And the participants were more than happy to invest that amount as you can see from the testimonials around this video.

But for a limited time…

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